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Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month, but there are plenty of things that can be helpful with managing those stressful life moments, including exercising and eating healthy, sleeping regularly, and engaging in psychotherapy. MCMC offers services that can help you take the first steps towards utilizing all of those strategies in your daily life!


The Murray County Professional Building in downtown Slayton is home to the Steve Cohrs Wellness Center - the perfect place to start up a regular exercise routine! Cardio equipment, circuit training, and weights are available - along with personal training services.

Healthy Eating

Eating better may help keep your stress levels in check, but where to start? Your primary care provider at MCMC may be able to help offer suggestions, or you can utilize the services of our very own registered dietitian! Call (507) 836-6111 to learn more today.


Struggling with your sleeping habits? Wake up still feeling exhausted and stressed about the day to come? Why not take advantage of MCMC's sleep medicine and sleep studies services? Your primary care provider can put a referral in to our respiratory care team if you may be a candidate for a sleep study - we offer on-site and home sleep tests!


Sometimes, talking to someone about your stressful thoughts may be just the thing to help effectively cope with them. MCMC can help with that, too! We offer outreach psychiatry and psychology services via visiting providers from Western Mental Health, along with telehealth psychotherapy services. Call (507) 532-3236 to schedule an appointment with a Western Mental Health provider at MCMC in Slayton, or call the clinic at (507) 836-6153 to schedule a telehealth appointment.

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