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Surgery Services

General and orthopedic inpatient and outpatient surgery services are available here.

Our goal is to provide you with compassionate and experienced surgical care, close to home. We offer a variety same day/outpatient surgeries and orthopedic surgeries to address health issues and provide screening purposes for the following:

  • Colon and Stomach Health

  • Eyesight

  • Musculoskeletal/Bone & Muscle

  • Skin Disorders/Cancer

  • Urinary Tract System

Outpatient/Same Day General Surgery

Many of the surgeries completed here will have you back in the comfort of your own home the same day of surgery.

  • Cataract/Laser Eye Surgery

  • Diagnostic Screenings

    • Colonoscopy

    • Endoscopy

  • Skin Lesion/Mass Removal

  • Urology Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery Services

From diagnosis to management to critical care, we provide orthopedics services here in Slayton, MN to correct bone and muscle ailments so you can get back into the game of life:

  • Ankle Surgery

  • Upper Extremity Surgery

  • Arthroscopy (Knee)

  • Trauma and Fracture Repair

  • Bone Infection Treatment

  • Arthritis Treatment

  • Total Joint Replacement (Hip & Knee)


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