Advanced Care Planning

The process of advance care planning (ACP) involves conversations throughout life about your values, beliefs and goals for future health care. ACP conversations focus on your health care goals and what is important to you.

Advanced Care Planning

Knowing your voice is heard when making decisions about health care is important. Advance Care Planning is the process of preparing for a time when you may not be able to make your own medical decisions. The best time to make these decisions is when you are able to make your own choices.

  • As you get older, goals, values and priorities often change. Your health status may change, too. Revisiting your decisions and plans regularly is important.

  • Give yourself and others peace of mind. Plan ahead while you are able.

 Documenting your wishes in a Health Care Directive is important. The document outlines your values and priorities for future medical treatment and can identify your health care agent. A Health Care Directive limits confusion and helps everyone prepare for the unexpected.

Health Care Agent

Discussing and sharing your wishes with your loved ones, health care team and health care agent is important. A health care agent makes health care decisions based on your wishes if you are unable to communicate.

Health Care Directive

A Health Care Directive is a written plan outlining your values and priorities for your future medical treatment, so your wishes are followed when you cannot speak for yourself.

Where Can I Find a Health Directive Form?

You can get a Health Care Directive form by:


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