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Murray County Ambulance

The Murray County Ambulance based in Slayton, MN responds to emergency calls in 295 square miles of Murray County.

The Murray County Ambulance serves a vital role to care for sick and injured individuals in emergency situations with 24/7 Basic Life Support. Ambulance patients transferred to Murray County Medical Center’s Emergency Room for evaluation and treatment are taken care of with care and compassion and the latest equipment and telemedicine.

Ambulance Services

Our ambulance responds to an average of 400 annual emergency calls in 295 square miles in Murray County.  Towns in our primary service area include Avoca, Currie, Hadley, Iona, Lake Wilson, and Slayton.

Our two Murray County Ambulances are proud to offer the following equipment to all patients, some of which has been awarded to us with grant dollars:

  • Cardiac monitors that among several things can:

    • Perform EKG’s and submit data via wireless transmissions to specific receiving Emergency Departments for faster diagnosis of heart conditions leading to reduced transfer time and quicker lifesaving treatments

    • Adult and Pediatric Defibrillation during cardiac arrest

    • End Tidal CO2 monitoring

  • LUCAS Chest Compression Devices in each ambulance

  • One ambulance has a Stryker Powerload Gurney

  • Both are packed with lifesaving equipment used every day to triage, treat and transport patients in medical and trauma emergencies.

Ambulance Personnel

We have a combined roster of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) who are both certified by the State of Minnesota.  We also have Drivers, RNs, Paramedics, and PAs on our roster.  This amazing team comes together to offer the best care and 911 coverage we can provide for our community and its needs.

Among the personnel that work for MCA we would like to acknowledge our local First Responder Units.  The continued dedication and support of these local groups save people’s lives with early access to help in emergencies.  Chandler First Responders, Iona Fire and First Responders, Lake Wilson First Responders, and The Lakes Area First Responders.

Transfer Services

We provide short and long-distance transfer services for patients from Murray County Medical Center to other local regional facilities, other out state facilities, metro facilities and even across state lines into Iowa, South and North Dakota depending on patient specialty needs or requests.

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