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Pharmacy Services

Our pharmacy team reviews, prepares and delivers medication orders to our hospital patients.

Our pharmacy team works closely with your providers and nurses to ensure all medications are used safely and effectively. We visit with patients and their families to gather information about the medications you take at home so that important medications are continued while you are in the hospital.

Hospital Stay & Medication Orders

During your hospital stay, our pharmacy team reviews, prepares and delivers medication orders to our patient care areas. Medication safety is our number one priority and we incorporate many safety features, including bedside barcode scanning and electronic medication administration records, into our pharmacy processes to ensure patients receive the correct medications and proper doses.

Discharge and Medications

Upon discharge from the hospital, a pharmacist will visit with you and your family regarding medications you will be going home on and how to take them. We also coordinate care with your community pharmacy to ensure all of your medication needs are met upon discharge.

Pharmacy Services

Our pharmacy staff provides expertise and knowledge in all areas of pharmaceutical care to ensure our patients’ health and safety needs are met while at Murray County Medical Center including:

  • Medication storage, dispensing, and distribution

  • Outpatient infusions and injections, including chemotherapy

  • Medication reconciliation

  • Medication reviews

  • Anticoagulation management

  • Antimicrobial stewardship

  • Automated dispensing cabinets

  • Patient education

  • Discharge counseling


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