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Spring EMR Class Begins in March

Pipestone County’s next hybrid EMR certification class begins Thursday, March 7. The class includes a live lecture portion that can be completed in person at 811 5th St. SE in Pipestone or via Zoom, and three total in-person sessions during the 10-week program. Specific times & dates to be announced.


Course registration is $550 with fees reimbursable through the Murray County EMS if certification requirements are met, in addition to signing on and committing to serve for two years on the Murray County EMS. Registration includes textbook & CPR certification.


Upon completion of the class, participants will be certified in Basic Life Support CPR and also be certified as an Emergency Medical Responder.

Interested in learning more about what an EMR does, particularly when a part of the Murray County EMS?

They may help the EMTs perform the tasks on the call, assist in administering medication, or drive the ambulance. They are also required to complete 56 hours of class time, attend monthly meetings and complete continuing education, and also complete a refresher course every two years of 16 hours.

When on call with the Murray County Ambulance, EMRs need to be located within 5-7 minutes of the ambulance garage. Generally, the EMR is the driver unless another individual that is a designated driver for the service is available. If that's the case, then the EMT and EMR will be in the back of the ambulance with the patient. To be a legal crew, there needs to be one EMT and one EMR on every call.


For more information or to register for the class, contact Jennifer Kirchner, Murray County EMS Director, at or (507) 227-2129.

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