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FAQs about Cardiac Rehab

What is cardiac rehab?

MCMC's Phase II Cardiac Rehab program is an individualized exercise and education program to help you achieve the very best physical, psychological, and functional status after a cardiac event such as a heart attack. It's an outpatient, hospital-based program that requires a referral from a medical provider.

How long does the program generally last?

Patients typically attend cardiac rehab sessions three times per week, with each session lasting 45 minutes to an hour - for up to 36 sessions - which is dependent on what insurance covers. This generally spans a duration of three months. However, the duration of time in which you attend cardiac rehab sessions is also up to the discretion of the cardiac rehab RN and yourself!

What does a typical session entail?

Your first session will involve a detailed health & medication history, similar to what would occur during a general office visit with your primary care provider. Though the program is individualized to meet each patient's needs for their own recovery, you'll be able to exercise on a variety of devices including the treadmill and the recumbent bike to assist you in regaining physical strength and endurance. During all exercise portions of the session, your health will be monitored via telemetry. Additionally, cardiac rehab involves ongoing education. You may opt to have a nutrition consultation with MCMC's registered dietician regarding how to incorporate healthier eating habits into your lifestyle, discuss ways to reduce stress, or even explore the potential for smoking cessation, to name a few.

Who will help me work through the program?

Mary Mesner is the cardiac rehab RN that will be working through every step of the program with you. Mary says about her role:

I support and care for patients who have or experienced a variety of heart conditions such as heart attacks, angina, heart surgery, or heart failure. As a cardiac rehab nurse, my role is to restore patients' lives, so they have freedom and independence again. I feel it is important to give them the confidence to be able to carry out activities of daily living independently.

Learn more about cardiac rehab at MCMC today! Call (507) 836-6111.

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