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Spooky Good Foods

While it's easy to give pumpkins and gourds all of the glory during the fall season, there are plenty of options for healthy fruits and vegetables for you and your family to enjoy during autumn:

Carrots: This vegetable is the perfect addition to any homemade soup or stew, and it adds plenty of sweetness in a low-sugar bite. Carrots are packed with twice your daily intake of vitamin A, which benefits vision, reproduction, and immune function.

Kale: Even if you're not a salad fan, you can still enjoy this health-food staple. Baked kale chips are a great alternative to a kale salad and are still full of vitamin K, which aid in blood clotting and contribute to bone health.

Raspberries: This berry is a great source of a crucial flavonoid called anthocyanins, which have protective properties against heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

Mushrooms: On frosty days- there's nothing better than a cream of mushroom soup. This fall veggie is very versatile for cooking and is full of prebiotics to help nourish your gut's microbiota, which aids in digestion and protects against inflammation.

Pineapple: This vacation-in-a-cup is still in-season during fall months and the high bromelain content in pineapple helps promote healthy digestion. Its high manganese count also helps speed up your metabolism.

Butter Lettuce: This smooth-textured lettuce variety is full of an antioxidant called beta carotene and phytochemical lutein, which both help protect against degenerative disease.

Potatoes: At their core, plain potatoes are a healthy food, loaded with heart-healthy fiber, resistant starch, and quite a bit of immune-boosting antioxidants like vitamin C and quercetin.

Bananas: Banana bread is just one of the many recipes you can create with this versatile fruit. Bananas are high in mineral potassium, which is proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and overall mortality.

Apples: This fall staple is rich in antioxidants (especially vitamin C), to help strengthen the immune system and can lower your risk for cancer. Apples also have prebiotic pectin which feeds your gut bacteria and helps lower cholesterol.

Pumpkins: This fall favorite is an excellent source of vitamin A, which can help improve vision for those with a deficiency. It is also full of phytosterols, which help decrease bad cholesterol, and beta-carotene.

Brussel Sprouts: Sprouts are a great source of iron, to help your body form red blood cells, along with vitamin K to boost bone health. These mini cabbages also have a ton of vitamin C to help you push through cold season.

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