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Fall Harvest Farmer Safety

As the official beginning of the fall season draws near, many farmers and their families will again enter the frenzied harvest season. Even with the urgency in the air, it's crucial to remain aware of ways to protect your own well-being while working, along with the well-being of those workers that you may also be responsible for. Take a look at these harvest safety tips as you prepare for the season:

  1. Remain nourished - Proper nutrition and hydration is key to keeping alert and focused while working around heavy farm machinery while harvesting. Be sure to continue eating regular meals and snacks while completing the day's work, in order to keep your energy up.

  2. Ensure adequate sleep and rest - Be sure to take some breaks during the work day to get up, move and stretch your body. Additionally, don't underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep to be prepared again for the next day's work!

  3. Road safety - Be sure to install adequate lighting on your machinery, particularly when utilizing public roads during the early mornings or evenings. Avoid traveling on those roads during peak morning and evening commute times, as well.

  4. Proper lifting - If harvesting certain crops by hand and engaging in heavy lifting, be cautious of lifting too heavy of loads and always lift with your knees as opposed to your back.

  5. Thorough safety training - Whether you have extra hired workers or volunteers assisting with your harvest efforts, be sure that everyone involved receives proper safety training related to the job that they will be doing.

Keep yourself and your team safe this harvest season! Be sure to call MCMC at (507) 836-6111 with any questions about any farm-related injuries that may arise.

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