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2023 is Quickly Approaching - Be Sure to Use Your Health Insurance Benefits!

With the end of the year quickly approaching, don't forget to utilize your health insurance benefits right here at the Murray County Medical Center!

Now's the time to get your preventative care visits scheduled! Get your yearly physical completed by one of our skilled providers, stay up to date on any needed immunizations, and make the appointment to get important preventative care screenings done like mammograms or colonoscopies.

If you've been contemplating having any elective procedures or surgeries done, the last couple months of the year may also be a great time to schedule those - especially depending on how close you are to meeting your health insurance deductible for the calendar year. MCMC offers a wide variety of general and orthopedic surgery services. Some surgeries are even offered on an outpatient basis and will have you back in your home on the same day of your surgery.

Call (507) 836-6111 to learn more about all of MCMC's service offerings and schedule an appointment before 2022 rolls into 2023!

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