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Hot Take on Hydration

We’re getting a bit of a heat wave in Murray County this week, so what a great time it is to highlight the importance of hydration! While the traditional word of advice is to make sure and drink your eight standard glasses of water a day, your hydration habits may be more individualized and unique to you than you may have initially realized. Too much water and you can actually become overhydrated (which can potentially lead to other health issues)! Murray County Medical Center providers can help you determine what an appropriate daily water intake means for you.

Though proper hydration is a crucial factor when it comes to maintaining good overall health, it’s even more important during bouts of hot and/or humid weather. You’re sweating more and losing more fluids, placing yourself at a greater risk for acquiring any number of heat related illnesses. It’s not just water intake that you need to be paying greater attention to, though. When you’re sweating more, you’re also losing more salt in your body – so it’s a delicate balancing act of consuming enough water to remain hydrated, while also eating enough regular meals and snacks throughout the day to replace that lost salt, as well.

Particularly for those working in the heat, the CDC recommends drinking one, eight-ounce cup of water every 15-20 minutes in order to replenish lost fluids. However, hydrating before and after work is also crucial to maintaining adequate water intake. Make sure not to drink too much water, though (consuming more than 48 ounces per hour can cause the salt in your blood to become too low).

Overall, getting your general eight glasses of water a day can lead to a host of benefits – especially for older adults. The National Council on Aging highlights a few, such as improved brain function, decreased joint pain, and kidney stone prevention. Make sure to give MCMC a call at (507) 836-6111 and take the first step toward developing a plan to drink more water today!

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