We Are Open

We Are Open

Murray County Medical Center continues to serve its community and patients as safely as possible. Navigating these uncertain times has left a number of people questioning whether they can still come to the hospital and clinic, if they should keep their scheduled appointments, or if they should be setting any additional appointments. The answer is YES! “People are uncertain whether or not they can come here” assessed Gillogly. “We need to be sure our patients know we still want them to come in for their needs just as they typically would have” noted Behrends.

Recognizing healthcare needs continue on regardless of the pandemic we want the community to be assured they can be cared for in regards to their health outside of COVID-19 happenings. When conversing about types of appointments in question the spectrum is broad. We urge patients to keep their scheduled appointments, Well Visits, and Preventative Health Visits. There may also be needs for those with chronic conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure to be seen. Let’s not forget we are approaching a time of year when allergies can flare up. Please don’t hesitate to continue appropriate healthcare practices.

Our precautions to guard against the spread of COVID include all individuals within the facility to wear a mask at all times. If you have your own and are planning a visit, please bring it with you to wear. Our front door entrance is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 AM-5 PM. We are triaging everyone that enters which includes taking their temperature, inquiring on symptoms, and travel.

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