UV Lighting To Combat COVID-19

Head of Murray County Medical Center Plant Operations, Arl Weinrebe, eagerly identified an opportunity when becoming apprised to an article from the Omaha World Register. The article identified the University of Nebraska using UV lighting to sanitize equipment contaminated while caring for patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 virus. Weinrebe explains “I read the article and thought, this is so simple, we could build this since we already have the UV lights on our rooftop unit”.

Arl eagerly contacted the company from which the hospital receives their UV bulbs from discussing his implementation idea of the PPE sani-station. The article goes on to explain UV lighting being utilized to kill the SARS virus and EBOLA virus. Arl states “we plan to do this to help us get through the shortage of masks as it will allow us to wear the same mask longer, up to 10 days”. The masks are faced toward the UV light and separated in a pattern allowing the light beam to cross in a V form, overlapping each beam. The set-up will in turn reflect off the walls in the room and reach the back of the mask also. To ensure safe sanitation masks will be sterilized for a length of two hours. Each mask has a staff name on it and corresponds with a number on the rack which is all documented. This process ensures each employee gets their respective mask back.

For more information visit: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/20/health/coronavirus-masks-reuse.html

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