"I think we're very fortunate to have this hospital in case of emergency situations. I feel very thankful we can come here if anything would happen and that we have this in our community."​​​

-Janet Opdahl, MCMC Patient & Community Member​

"No matter what I've needed I've always been so pleased with how I've been treated. I'd really hate to think we wouldn't have a hospital here in Slayton...to not have to drive 30 miles or more...it's just so handy and so important."​

-Hubert Sandman, MCMC Patient & Community Member

"Murray County Medical Center is all about the patient and provides great care! I really enjoyed working with Karen Honermann during my Cardiac Rehab therapy. She is wonderful."​

-William (Bill) Lundy, MCMC Cardiac Rehab Patient

"This is the only place I've ever gone to. I like the nurses. I know most of the people and I know the doctors. It's just like one big family."

-Joyce Lange, Lifetime MCMC Patient

"We've been to the doctors in the Cities and Sioux Falls and we prefer coming here than to travel. We are very pleased with Dr. Snow and feel he's a very thorough and caring doctor."

-Maryls Hegstad, MCMC Patient of Dr. Snow

"Having this facility is absolutely vital to this community and being and being a small town business owner, I can definitely relate. You can pretty much get anything taken care of here. It has been really great to be able to swing in for things like ultrasound and labs."​

-Maddy Robinson, MCMC Patient

"Good nurses and it's like a hotel...it's so beautiful."​

-Sylvia Disbrow, MCMC Swing Bed Patient

"It's really comforting to have MCMC for our entire family. They have just about everything here, like imaging equipment, that not all small hospitals have. It's a good peace of mind."​

-Oscar & Sarah Carlson, MCMC Patients (Parents of Dr. Mishra's Twin Patients)

"Tracy is absolutely wonderful. She is very knowledgeable on Women's Health which is phenomenal and typically something you have to leave a small community for."

-Maddy Robinson, MCMC Patient of Tracy Hansen

"Paige is very professional and friendly. She goes the extra mile and if you have a question about something she gets you the answer and is very complete."​

-Janet Opdahl, MCMC Patient of Provider, Paige Freeman