Skilled Swing Bed

Skilled Swing Bed

What is Skilled Swing Bed Hospital Care?

Skilled Swing Bed Care here at Murray County Medical Center is a bridge between acute care and home. This is an opportunity to get the care you need to prepare yourself for more independent living.

Skilled Swing Bed allows patients to have skilled care in a hospital setting until they return home or are discharged to another living setting.

How do I get into the Skilled Swing Bed Program?

Once your physician determines that skilled care is needed, a referral will be made to the Swing Bed Care Coordinator/Discharge Planner. The Swing Bed Care Coordinator, with a physician, will arrange patient admission into the swing bed program.

What type of Health Care will I experience?

Upon admission, the physician will visit with the patient and establish a plan of care. The physician may not see the patient on a daily basis. The nursing staff will notify the physician of any changes or other health care needs.

How do I qualify for Skilled Swing Bed?

A patient must meet the following requirements:
  • Must have had a consecutive, three overnight acute level care hospital stay and must need some form of skilled nursing or skilled rehabilitation services.
  • Be covered by Medicare Part A or private insurance that covers swing bed services.
Examples of skilled care include:
  • IV therapy
  • Skin & wound care
  • Rehabilitation therapy: Physical Therapy,
  • Occupational Therapy, Respiratory Therapy orSpeech Therapy
Efforts will be made to assist the patient to achieve an optimum level of function and self-care. The goal is to help the patient to return to their home independently or with the help of other community resources. Assistance may be arranged for ongoing support including:
  • Home Health Care
  • Outpatient Therapies
  • Meals-on-Wheels
  • Emergency Phone System
  • Respite Care, Assisted Living, Nursing Home
Social Services Discharge Planner Kim Olafson RN Murray County Medical Center
Kim Olafson, RN, is the Swing Bed Care Program Coordinator and Discharge Planner at Murray County Medical Center.
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