Precautions and Recommendations Regarding COVID-19

Precautions and Recommendations Regarding COVID-19

As we spring forward through 2020 we carry with us and strive to embrace our new societal ‘normal’. At MCMC we are committed to compassionate and exceptional healthcare; we are working cohesively to stand poised and prepared; we are community-driven to remain connected, at a safe, social distance. As our providers, staff and leaders continue to implement current recommended protocols we want to take a moment and share the latest national and local information of our current pandemic.

Our interim CEO Dale Gillogly shares that “we’ve got the unknown ahead of us”. Our teams continue to build the best defense possible by abiding by CMS guidelines governing safety within the hospital and clinic. Implementing recommendations from the CDC on triage and testing practices. Currently, we urge patients to call ahead of any visit to the hospital, ER, or clinic. We are screening the public as they enter the facility – taking their temperature, checking for symptoms and gaining knowledge of whereabouts.

According to reporting from Sanford Health a current snapshot of COVID-19 cases nationwide indicate a doubling rate of 8 days. On a local level Minnesota has the most cases at 986 in comparison with Iowa (946 cases), and South Dakota (288 cases). Minnesota has also seen the most reported recovered cases at 470. Here at MCMC, our Lab Manager Heather Hoekman reports we have tested 28 individuals with 27 negative results and one pending. Current CDC reports indicate that community transmission accounts for 34% of the virus spread and have recommended the community now wear a cloth mask whenever leaving home and in the company of others. Locally, our testing trailer has been in place at our hospital for 3 weeks. If you wish to access our testing trailer, please call ahead and upon your arrival be sure to bring your mask, remain in your vehicle, and have facial tissue on hand. Nasal swabs to test for the COVID-19 virus will be completed within your vehicle. We ask that you come alone if you are able to.

Our values of healing, teamwork, compassion, excellence, community, and commitment are at the forefront of our established isolation quarters within our facility. Our medical professionals are poised and ready to provide the utmost care to patients entering our facility to the safest extent of our ability. Unless you require urgent care our advice to community members is to stay home if you are sick, wash your hands, and wear a mask. Visitor restrictions do remain in effect with exceptions for pediatric patients or a patient at the end of life.

MCMC Chief Nursing Officer, Monica VanOtterloo, RN, BSN shares “We are lucky to have the incredible employees that we have here at MCMC. They are ready to give you the absolute best care during this COVID-19 crisis. We are in contact weekly with our local resources which include Murray County Emergency Management, Southwest Health and Human Services, Law Enforcement, and our regional resource Sanford to learn and discuss constant changing processes. We are meeting within our own facility to run through scenarios, protocols, and regularly changing best practice guidelines and ensuring we can be ready for what is in store for Murray County. We ask that you please do your part and call ahead so we can be prepared for you.”

Stay safe and a huge Thank You to the community members that are busy at their sewing machines sewing masks for our employees and the public to help decrease the spread of COVID-19.

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