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Women's Health Week

By Tracy Hansen, APRN, FNP

Women and Health: Let's celebrate! May 10-16th is national Women's Health week! This week I encourage all women to think about their health and prioritize both their body and mind. After all, we are often the caretakers and glue that holds our families and communities together. There is the old airplane oxygen mask adage… in the event you need oxygen, be sure to put your mask on first, BEFORE assisting another. Why…… because you are literally no help to anyone when you are lying on the floor passed out! This same analogy can be applied to your own wellbeing. First you need to take care of you to give your best to others. I know, I am a much better mom, wife, and health care provider, when I do all the things to care for myself first. My tactics for self-care include eating healthy, getting enough sleep (ugh, this is tricky with kids), exercise daily, and prayer! I also, accept help from my village (i.e. friends and family) without guilt! Below are some helpful tips for taking care of you! 1. Maintain a healthy weight 2. Engage in regular physical activity 3. Eat healthy 4. Think about your mental health as well- Find healthy ways to manage stress 5. Get enough sleep 6. Avoid unhealthy habits (i.e. alcohol, illicit drugs, tobacco, vaping) Additionally, we encourage all women to make an appointment to see their health care provider annually to discuss specifics related to their health and any additional screenings recommended (i.e. Mammograms, cervical cancer screening, Dexa scans, colonoscopy). Now give yourself some LOVE! You are doing great! Take care of you this week and every week!

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