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Winter Car Emergency Kit

With temperatures dropping, and road conditions getting much worse in the winter months, it's important to make sure you're prepared for any emergency situation that may arise when driving. One of the best ways to make sure you and your car are winter-ready is by making sure you have a winter car emergency kit. You should keep this kit in your car at all times in case of emergency.

Essential items to include in your winter car emergency kit include:

-Blankets, Mittens, Socks, and Hats

-Ice Scraper or Snow Brush

-Flashlight and Extra Batteries

-Jumper Cables

-First-Aid Kit (Band-Aids, Adhesive Tape, Antiseptic Wipes, Gauze Pads, Medical Wrap, and Antiseptic Cream)

-Bottled Water

-Multi-Tool (ie: Swiss Army Knife)

-Road Flares or Reflective Warning Triangles

-Windshield Cleaner

-A Bag of Sand or Cat Litter (non-clumping) to Help with Traction

-Collapsible/Folding Snow Shovel

-Tire Chains and Tow Strap

-Hand Warmers


-Winter Boots

-Sleeping Bag

It may help to also have the following:

-Small Fire Extinguisher (5lb., Class B and Class C)

-Tire Gauge and Spare Tire

-Rags and Hand Cleaner

-Duct Tape

-Foam Tire Sealant

-Rain Poncho

-Battery Radio and Extra Batteries

-Lighter and Box of Matches

-Scissors and String or Cord


-Paper Maps

-Spare Change and Cash

-Nonperishable, High-Energy Foods (ie: unsalted canned nuts, granola bars, dried fruit, raisins, peanut butter, hard candy)

If you find yourself needing medical attention following an accident or emergency, Murray County Medical Center is here to help! We have a 24/7 emergency room and ambulance services.

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