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Vascular Outreach Services Coming to MCMC

MCMC will offer monthly vascular outreach services, beginning on Wednesday, January 18th!

Dr. Angelo Santos of Dakota Vascular is competent in nearly all aspects of arterial and venous care, given his nearly two decades of experience in the area of vascular care.

His specializations include:

  • Aortic stent grafting

  • Peripheral angiography

  • Lytic therapy

  • Angioplasty

  • Carotid stenting

Certified by the American Board of Surgery in vascular surgery, general surgery, and surgical critical care, Dr. Santos will be a strong addition to the line-up of visiting providers that MCMC brings in to offer compassionate & exceptional health care, close to home. Call (605) 306-6100 to schedule an appointment in Slayton with Dr. Santos today!

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