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Unclog Your Arteries

Cholesterol is a topic that we hear about often when experts discuss health. Although, it is more than just a popular ‘health’ word. It is important to know what cholesterol is and what role it plays in your health.

Cholesterol is a waxy substance produced by your liver. It can also be ingested through food produced by animals such as poultry, meat, and dairy products. While high cholesterol levels can be dangerous, cholesterol is necessary for basic functions of your body. Protecting nerves, making cell tissue, and producing certain hormones are all ways cholesterol is used in your body.

However, high cholesterol levels can have very harmful effect on your body. If the levels of becomes too high, artery walls will be slowly built up with cholesterol. This will ultimately lead to increased risk of cardiovascular issues. Risk of heart disease, and stroke increase significantly with high levels of cholesterol.

There are several things which can help lower your cholesterol and ultimately improve your health. Activities like exercising regularly, avoiding foods with high cholesterol content, and maintaining a healthy weight are ways to lower cholesterol. Additionally, medication can be prescribed by your provider if you have very high levels of cholesterol.

Checking your cholesterol level is an important step to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding health risks. If you would like more information about cholesterol or schedule a test to test your cholesterol levels through our Direct Access Lab, please call the Murray County Medical Center at (507) 836-6111.

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