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Things to Think About When Transitioning to Assisted Living

When it’s time to consider your loved one’s living arrangements, an assisted living community is a great choice if they still enjoy independence but need assistance with things like cooking, cleaning, and hygiene. There are many benefits to living in a structured environment, but there are also potential obstacles. Access to transportation, knowing what to bring, and making new friends in the ever-important golden years are a few of these, but they don’t have to get in the way.

There Are More Options for Transportation

Most assisted-living centers offer transportation services to residents. However, these may have to be scheduled well in advance and may only be offered for specific locations, such as the grocery store, movie theater, or mall. Fortunately, seniors have plenty of options if they have to give up driving. Public transportation, volunteer driving programs, and rideshare services are all easily accessible in most urban and suburban areas.

They Can Bring a Lot, But Not Everything

One of the hardest parts about moving into an assisted living community is that you can’t bring everything with you. Chances are, your loved one will be downsizing considerably. The first task is to contact the center administrator and ask about what your loved one should and shouldn’t bring. They will most likely need a few small pieces of furniture, such as a bed, sofa, chair, and side table, but are unlikely to need a full living room suite or dining set.

Many seniors will also want to bring personal items, such as:

● medication,

● pajamas, and clothing,

● and housewares and room decor.

Making Friends Is Part of the Fun

The social aspect of assisted living is one of its most valuable benefits. Seniors who spend their days isolated home are at a greater risk of depression, neglected health, and even suicide. Living in a group setting allows your loved one to access a diverse range of new peers with whom to interact. Their new community of friends can keep them busy and bring fulfillment to their days.

Brookdale Senior Living explains that there are many different ways to meet new people, including eating dinner with other residents or simply getting to know the staff, who can introduce you to other residents with whom you have a shared interest.

Selling the Family Home Can Cover Costs

It’s no secret that long-term care is expensive, and this can be frustrating for seniors living on a fixed income. While there are numerous ways to cover the costs of assisted living, one of the most common and easiest is to sell the family home - this is especially prudent if the mortgage has been paid off.

If your loved one isn’t convinced, show them the numbers. The average cost of assisted living in Catonsville is $2,933 a month. The median sale price for a home in Catonsville is $365,000. If your loved one sells their mortgage-free home for this amount or near enough, that’s 10 years of assisted living that can be covered stress-free.

There Is A New Era of Freedom

Any time someone makes a major move, they leave behind an important part of their life. Moving into a senior living campus is no different, but it is one that, for many seniors, feels like giving up on life. While it’s true that there are things your loved one will give up, the truth is that assisted living can bring a new level of freedom:

● There is help with things like laundry and housekeeping,

● There is access to a range of amenities, including pre-planned activities, fitness facilities, on-site beauty shops, gardens, and other luxuries,

● If your loved one is ever injured, they will be surrounded by a staff of medically knowledgeable people who can get them the help they need immediately.

Of course, it’s perfectly normal for your loved one to be nervous, sad, and excited all at the same time through this major life transition. But by preparing your loved one ahead of time, they can focus more on the positive emotions and embrace this new chapter of their life with open arms.

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