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Summertime Safety: Eye Health

While people may remember to protect their skin this summer by applying sunscreen, it’s also quite important to remember to protect your eyes while spending time outdoors, too! Sunglasses that block UV rays are one important item to have at your disposal when it comes to protecting your eye health, but there are several other precautions that you can take while engaging in summertime activities.

Most people are likely completing more home improvement projects during the summer when it’s warmer out, but proper safety measures need to be taken when doing so. Dust, dirt, and other debris are more likely to get into and irritate your eyes when completing those kinds of projects. To avoid that, make sure you’re wearing a pair of safety goggles.

Bonfires may be considered a summer staple by many – whether you’re camping with family and friends or simply enjoying one in your backyard. Maintain the fun associated with that common summertime activity by observing proper fire safety, in order to prevent any bodily injuries from occurring. Particularly when it comes to eye health, try and avoid the smoke that bonfires emit, make sure to stay a safe distance away from the fire, and don’t add dangerous items to the fire that may explode due to the fire’s temperature.

Eye protection also involves nutrition! A proper diet consisting of foods rich in vitamins C, E, and zinc can help prevent eye conditions like cataracts from developing. Make sure to drink enough water that you’re maintaining proper hydration, too – as vision issues can arise from dehydration.

Warmer months also often mean more time spent in swimming pools and natural bodies of water, like lakes and oceans. Prevent the chlorine and salt in some of those bodies of water from irritating your eyes and potentially causing infection by wearing swim goggles when you’re in the water.

Protecting your eye health throughout the year is of crucial importance, and MCMC can help! Our visiting ophthalmologist can detect and treat many eye conditions that may arise, like cataracts, glaucoma, and more. Call (507) 836-6111 to make an appointment today.

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