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So You Think of Being Pregnant & Cringe? All About Nexplanon

By Tracy Hansen, APRN, FNP

So you think about being pregnant and cringe? If this sounds like you, then we should talk! We have all heard of birth control pills. The tiny white tic-tac you must remember to take EVERY day in order to be effective. And with their 15% failure rate, it can feel like a crap shoot! But there are better options that are MUCH more effective than that pill! One of those options is Nexplanon, commonly called the “implant”. Nexplanon is a 1.5-inch plastic rod inserted into the upper arm that steadily releases hormone into the body to keep you from baby surprises. How Does It Work? The hormone released by Nexplanon tricks the body into thinking an egg has already been released. It also thickens up the mucus in the nether regions to stop little sperm from swimming into baby territory. What Is Insertion Like? It really simple to put in and takes about 2 minutes or less. First, a bit of numbing medicine is placed along the path of the insertion so you won’t feel a thing while the devise is going in. Then the Nexplanon is placed just under the skin. You can feel the devise, but can’t see it through the skin. How Long Does It Last? This matchstick sized piece of plastic requires in a 2-minute office procedure that provides 3 years’ worth of pregnancy prevention! And prevention it does! The best part is this, Nexplanon has the best pregnancy protection out there! The failure rate is 0.05%.... take that birth control pills! It even has an edge on intrauterine devices (IUD’s) at a 0.2% failure rate. What About My Period? This is one area where things can get a little wonky. Some women (1 in 5) will not have a period at all, while others will have irregular periods. There are some tricks to the trade to wrangle the periods gone wild that we be helpful. What If I Want A Baby? Ready for a pregnancy… great! After a quick in office removal procedure, you ready to start the baby making process! No need to wait. To discuss Nexplanon or other birth control options, schedule an appointment with me today! Call 507-836-6111! For more information on Nexplanon and other birth control methods visit

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