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Revamp Your Sleep Routine

Struggling with getting quality sleep, night after night? Insomnia symptoms and other underlying sleep disorders can greatly contribute to sleep and overall wellness issues. Try these tips to switch up your sleep routine, relax a bit more easily, and achieve your best sleep yet!

  • Muscle Tension/Relaxation

The idea to this technique is that there will be an enhanced sense of control of one's body. Try the following techniques: 1) squeeze your hands into a fist quickly and tightly and then slowly release, 2) tighten abdominal muscles and slowly release, 3) close the eyes forcefully and then slowly opening. Do this in a relaxing environment other than the bedroom as you prepare for sleep.

  • Breathing Exercises

Take time for deep breathing exercises before bed. Yoga practices tend to use the 4-7-8 technique, which is encouraged for triggering a relaxation response. You breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, and breathe out slowly for 8 seconds. Do this no more than three times in a row to help alleviate light headedness.

  • Visualization Imagery

During this technique you will imagine a setting that is a tranquil place. Think of somewhere you've been or somewhere made up that allows for tranquility. During this time, completely engage all of your senses and allow each of them to relax during this moment.

  • Other Bedtime

Other techniques that can be utilized to help occupy the brain, while relaxing the body: 1) audio stories (i.e. podcasts, books, meditation apps, etc.) 2) reading of fictional books, 3) removal of blue light devices 20-30 minutes before bed.

Get more quality sleep and improve your overall sleep habits today, to improve your health and well-being for tomorrow and beyond! Call (507) 836-6111 to learn more about how MCMC can help through our sleep medicine & sleep studies service offerings.

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