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Respiratory Therapy at MCMC

October 23rd - 29th is Respiratory Care Week - a time to share information on respiratory care, promote awareness on maintaining good lung health and some common respiratory-related conditions, and recognize the individuals working in the field.

Respiratory therapy is a specific area of health care for patients who have difficulty breathing and/or other underlying health conditions like asthma, COPD, or emphysema. Working with a respiratory therapist at MCMC can help those patients improve their overall breathing and lung strength. In the case of more short-term, acute respiratory infection such as pneumonia, respiratory care can also be beneficial when working to regain that overall strength after illness.

MCMC's respiratory therapy department offers a variety of services by referred appointment, in addition to treatment and therapy options on an inpatient and outpatient basis by provider order. Cardiac stress testing, sleep studies, and oxygen therapy/testing are just a few of the services and treatment options offered.

A referral from your primary care provider or specialist is required to be seen by MCMC's respiratory care team. Call (507) 836-1234 to learn more and schedule a referred appointment today!

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