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Oh Baby! MCMC Reveals New Staff Lactation Room at Hospital

Murray County Medical Center has just made being a working mom a little easier. The facility, which received grant funding from the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP), unveiled a new lactation room for its employees.

“We’re very excited to take this step to support all of our current and future working mothers on staff” stated Doria Drost, marketing manager for the facility and the 2021-2022 MCMC representative for the Murray County SHIP Workplace Wellness Collaborative.

“During the [SHIP] collaborative, we were challenged to choose a wellness project for our workplace that would help promote employee wellness, and having multiple staff members with newborns, and a few expecting staff members, MCMC felt this would be the most impactful project for us to focus on to support our employees” said Drost.

The project, which was funded by SHIP grants, purchased a variety of materials for the space including a glider, lamp, side tables, and mini fridge for milk storage. In addition to internal resources, SHIP also provided a variety of educational materials for the space to support working mothers.

“New moms need support, and with the proven health benefits of breastfeeding and unused open space in our old clinic, providing this space for our staff was a no-brainer” stated Drost.

In addition to the onsite lactation room, the partnership between SHIP and Murray County Medical Center is continuing into the community with a mobile lactation tent.

The co-branded 10x10 tent, along with a folding chair and rug, are being stored at MCMC and are available to the Murray County community for free use during public events. To reserve the tent for a public event, individuals should contact Darlene Mechtenberg, MCMC’s Community Engagement Coordinator at (507) 836-1242 or email A rental agreement is in place for use of the tent in case of damages, but the tent can be rented out at no charge.

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