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Imaging & Radiology at MCMC

National Radiologic Technology Week is November 6-12! It's an especially great time to recognize MCMC's dedicated imaging and radiology department and the services offered.

According to the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, the first clinical use of x-rays by physicians was all the way back in 1896. The imaging & radiology world has certainly come a long way since then, with CT scans, MRIs, mammography and more added to the full spectrum of what tests and services that many imaging departments can offer to patients.

At MCMC, we offer a wide variety of services, including:

  • CT scans

  • Mammography

  • Ultrasound procedures

  • MRI scans

  • Digital X-ray imaging

  • Intra-operative C-arm fluoroscopy

  • Bone density/dexa scans

  • Nerve conduction testing

Additionally, we support the 'as low as reasonably achievable' (ALARA) concept, which encourages using the lowest level of radiation required for needed test results. Call MCMC's imaging & radiology department at (507) 836-1294 to schedule an appointment for your next procedure or exam today.

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