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Harvest Safety

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

As fall approaches, farmers are preparing for harvest. With the worry of getting the crops in on time there is little time to think of anything else. But as farmers are gearing up it is important to remember to remain safe and healthy during the harvest season.

There are several things to consider when it comes to safety and well being of farmers, their families, and employees. Keeping everyone safe and healthy should be first and foremost, but there are several ways to make this harvest a safe and successful one.

· Don’t take shortcuts- It is inevitable that some piece of equipment will break down at some point. However, do not take shortcuts when it comes to repairing, maintaining, or operating equipment. Taking shortcuts and not following safety measure could be dangerous and lead to injury.

· Hydration is key- Staying hydrated is extremely important. Drinking plenty of water helps the body function correctly and avoid the effects of dehydration.

· Break Time- Taking breaks will help refresh body and mind. Even if break are a few minutes long, they are very beneficial.

· Time to Eat- Maintaining a regular meal schedule is key to fueling the body. Nutritious meals will help keep blood sugar up allowing the body to function regularly.

· First Aid Kit- Keeping a First Aid Kit in every piece of equipment is essential. Working around farm equipment can be dangerous and lead to injuries. Having an up to date first aid kit can help save lives.

· Check In Plan- Creating a check-in plan, will ensure that everyone is aware of what is going on. Regular scheduled check-ins ensure everyone is doing well. It also helps create better communication if there is an issue with equipment or injury.

· Stay Rested- Exhaustion can impair your ability to function. It is dangerous to operate equipment when you are not properly rested. A lack of sleep can create an impaired mental state which can lead to mistake which could have serous consequences. Staying rested will help everyone stay safe.

As preparations for harvest are beginning, ensure that safety is at the top the to-do list so you and your team can have a safe and successful harvest. If you have any questions about a farm-related injury, please call the Murray County Medical Center at (507) 836-6111.

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