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All About Pain Management Services at MCMC

Interventional pain relief services are offered at MCMC by Carol Campbell, CRNA. Your MCMC primary care provider, along with Carol, will assess your pain and order an MRI or other imaging test to help identify which interventional procedure will be most beneficial to relieve your pain. At MCMC, we offer a variety of fluoroscopic and/or ultrasound guided interventional approaches to deliver medications to decrease inflammation, arthritic & neuropathic pain.

Additionally, Carol offers radiofrequency ablation (RFA) to treat pain from disc disease and degenerative changes. Neck pain can be treated with cervical procedures, such as epidural steroid and facet joint injections.

“I am passionate about chronic pain because it can be debilitating and depressing,” Carol says. “People don’t realize what life can be like without pain, and I want people to live their best life possible.” Want to learn more about how Carol can help relieve your chronic pain symptoms? Call (507) 836-1328 today!

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