Murray County Medical Center Designated as an Acute Stroke Ready Hospital

Murray County Medical Center Designated as an Acute Stroke Ready Hospital

Murray County Medical Center (MCMC) was recently designated as an Acute Stroke Ready Hospital by the Minnesota Department of Health. This designation is valid for a three year designation period, beginning July 1, 2018.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, stroke is the fifth leading cause of death and one of the leading causes of disability in Minnesota. Over 8,000 people have a stroke every year—and many will go on to experience another stroke in their lifetime.

“The designation of being Acute Stroke Ready demonstrates our commitment to our patients and our continued ongoing efforts to provide the best care possible,” states Brian Chabot, PA-C and Emergency Medicine Provider at MCMC. “Our goal is to continue to be an example of the benefit that rural hospitals can make in their communities. Emmie Lolkus, Assistant CNO & RN, was instrumental in achieving this designation and the collaboration with our EMS and medical team at MCMC. Make sure to schedule your yearly physical and establish care with a primary provider to reduce the risk for stroke and other medical conditions.”

F.A.S.T. – Signs of Stroke Should Prompt FAST Action

The American Stroke Association developed this easy-to-remember guide to help identify the signs of a stroke.

F – Face drooping. Is one side of the person’s face drooping or numb? When he or she smiles, is the smile uneven?
A – Arm weakness. Is the person experiencing weakness or numbness in one arm? Have the person raise both arms. Does one of the arms drift downward?

S – Speech difficulty. Is the person’s speech suddenly slurred or hard to understand? Is he or she unable to speak? Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence. Can he or she repeat it back?
T – Time to call 9-1-1.
 If any of these symptoms are present, dial 9-1-1 immediately. Check the time so you can report when the symptoms began.

About Murray County Medical Center
Located in Slayton, Minnesota, Murray County Medical Center is a critical access clinic, hospital and emergency department that provides many in-house services, outreach services and is managed by Sanford Health in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  For more information or to make an appointment please call 507-836-6153 or visit

About Minnesota Stroke System
A coordinated statewide system of care ensures all hospitals are equipped and ready to provide the best care possible for all Minnesotans. The Minnesota Department of Health’s Stroke System designates facilities as Acute Stroke Ready Hospitals, Primary Stroke Centers, and Comprehensive Stroke Centers. In addition, they train emergency medical service (EMS) providers to recognize the symptoms of stroke and take patients quickly to hospitals for fast treatment. As a result of the system, 90% of the state’s residents live within 30 minutes of a designated stroke center.

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