Michael Ladevich Hired as Interim CEO for Murray County Medical Center

Michael Ladevich Hired as Interim CEO for Murray County Medical Center

By: Sheila Crowley

Murray County News Staffwriter

There is new leadership at the Murray County Medical Center. Michael Ladevich has been hired as the interim CEO for the facility. Ladevich is part of Healthcare Practice Management as a consultant providing interim and project expertise to hospitals and group practices experiencing operational and strategic challenges related to their physician and ambulatory business units. HPM also helps physicians anticipate future value-based operating environments and compensation incentives. He has been serving in the role as consultant for the past four years.

Ladevich traveled from St. Louis where he recently wrapped up an interim stint. He reported to MCMC last Tuesday, November 6th for his first day on the job. Since then Ladevich has been busy getting a feel for the facility, learning the operations of MCMC, along with meeting with the managers of each of the departments.

Ladevich first learned of the MCMC opportunity approximately six weeks prior to his first day of work. Although not having the chance to visit MCMC in person, he visited with several staff members and felt this was a good opportunity for him.

Nearly a week into the position, Ladevich is excited to help showcase all the services available at MCMC. “It’s a fabulous facility,” he said. “ and I think they have a really good team of staff members.”

Ladevich has over thirty years experience in the healthcare business. Prior to consulting Ladevich served as the Chief Operating Officer for Signature Medical Group from ‘02 to ‘14. Other positions included Senior Vice President for Group 21, Executive Director at University of Orthopedics Association and Associate Administrator for Watson Clinic – just to name a few.

Ladevich earned his Bachelor of Arts and Biology from Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin, and furthered his education at the University of Minnesota where he obtained a masters in Hospital Administration.

Ladevich spent his childhood in Chicago, Illinois. The medical field has always been a soft spot for Ladevich. “My brother is a doctor but as I grew up, I wasn’t interested in biology, but realized my interest lied more with economics and business which led me to healthcare administration.”

As an interim, Ladevich has had much success in moving the facilities towards not only a more positive balance sheet but also aiding the moral of the staff team. “I want people to feel good about coming to work,” shared Ladevich. “The way I look at healthcare is to focus on the top line. There is a saying, ‘Rising tides float all boats’… thats to me is the revenue and if you can get the revenue up, staff members don’t have to worry about their jobs.”

Revenue is where Ladevich’s immediate focus will be for MCMC. “Sometimes people want to focus on the expense lines, but I think it’s really more important to put that emphasis on the revenue piece and I believe this is where I can really make a difference,” he continued.

Ladevich attended the recent Kiwanis pancake breakfast and enjoyed learning about farming. Ladevich, despite growing up in a much larger community, he has done a couple of stints in rural communities and is looking forward to meeting the residents of the area and finding his ‘groove’.

Ladevich is father of five (four sons and a daughter) with the youngest daughter currently an eighth grade student in St. Louis and living with his wife, Mary.

Ladevich is excited about his stint at MCMC and looking forward to helping the facility move forward financially as well as create a positive work environment for staff members and hopefully get people excited about utilizing the services available to them at the facility.

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