Employee Excellence Award Nominees

Employee Recognition Ceremony

May 14th, 2021


Commitment to Teamwork Award Nominees


Distinguished Leadership Award Nominees


Clinician of the Year Award Nominees


Jody Jackels, Nurse of the Year Recipient


Cara Mahon, Distinguished Leadership Award Recipient


Cassidy Paulzine, Employee Excellence Award Recipient

On Friday, May 14th, Murray County Medical Center held a recognition ceremony for its employees as part of their annual ‘Hospital Week’. During the ceremony, a variety of awards were announced for employees that went above and beyond this past year as nominated by their colleagues. 2020 was an especially difficult year for healthcare workers across the nation as they tried to adapt to continually changing pandemic regulations while keeping public health as a top priority. In the past, Murray County Medical Center has awarded a ‘Nurse of the Year’ award but this year they opted to expand the scope of recognition throughout the facility to honor healthcare heroes in all fields. In total, five awards were presented at the ceremony including an ‘Employee Excellence’ award, ‘Commitment to Teamwork’ award, ‘Distinguished Leadership’ award, ‘Clinician of the Year’ and ‘Nurse of the Year’.

The recipient of the ‘Employee Excellence’ award was Cassidy Paulzine, a patient service representative. This award is to recognize non-supervisory and non-exempt employees that are outstanding in their performance of duties, regularly exceeding expectations and promoting positivity in the workplace. Cassidy’s nominators noted her energetic team-player attitude, reliability, and advocacy of the facility. It’s no secret that Cassidy Paulzine incorporates the Murray County Medical Center’s mission and values in her work every day when scheduling patients, answering questions, and making folks feel welcomed. Other Nominees: Barb Breberg, Brenda Zwart, Brooklyn Miller, Daryl Johnson, Denise Halbur, Desi Wiekaraad, Donna Thomson, Harlie Swanson, Jennie Engelkes, Jill Kortleever, Jody Jackels, Kendra Michelau, Kim Olafson, Linda Nelson, Mary Mesner, Megan Johnson, Pam Jacobson, Riley Engbarth, Terri Hurd

Kris Rohrer received the ‘Commitment to Teamwork’ award, a recognition for those that are dedicated, selfless, flexible, and always will to go above and beyond to help others. Nominators noted that Kris is always willing to help nursing staff and the ER department at the drop of a hat- including coming in during nights and weekends to help her colleagues with ill patients, and her effort in growing the facility’s sleep study and respiratory care programs. Without Kris, Murray County Medical Center would not be able to achieve its goal of providing high quality, safe care, and excellent customer service. Other Nominees: Angie Brinks, Ashley Haken, Briana Solheim, Cara Mahon, Cassidy Paulzine, Courtney Zins, Daryl Johnson, Desi Wiekeraad, Dianne-Cale Steinbeck, Donna Thomson, Emmie Lolkus, Harlie Swanson, Jennie Engelkes, Jody Jackels, Karen Honerman, Kendra Schettler, Kim Olafson, Linda Nelson, Molly Van Winkle, Monica King Von Holtum, Taunya Kohls

The ‘Distinguished Leadership’ award was given to Cara Mahon. This award is for employees in a management or leadership position that promote collaboration, integrity, mentorship, and success for their department and the facility. Cara was selected based on her expertise and dedication to patient care, mentorship, error-prevention and care for safety, and outstanding leadership with COVID-19 vaccinations as noted by her nominators. Cara is truly an inspiration and role model for others inside and outside of her department due to her effective communication, innovation, and continuous growth as a leader at Murray County Medical Center. Other Nominees: Arl Weinrebe, Gayle Miller, Heather Hoekman, Jennie Engelkes, Justin Keller, Kris Rohrer, Monica VanOtterloo, Nicole Johnson, Stacie Menken, Taunya Kohls

‘Clinician of the Year’ was awarded to provider Tracy Hansen. This award is specifically for Murray County Medical Center providers that exemplify extraordinary clinical practice, compassion, teamwork, passion, and leadership for public health in the Murray County community. Nominators noted Tracy’s willingness to do everything she can for her patients, including double-booking her schedule, staying up to date on industry changes and best practices, approachable nature, and consistent effort. Tracy was selected for her key role in the success and growth of the facility through her quality care for patients. Other Nominees: Brian Chabot, Cara Mahon, Carol Lange, Dan Bequillard, David Axtman, Jennifer Hillestad, Paige Freeman, Richard Klingler, Steven Snow

This year’s ‘Nurse of the Year’ award was presented to Jody Jackels. This award is given to a nurse that shows exceptional leadership and support and dedication to nursing values in their daily life and professional practice. Jody was nominated because of her efforts to empower patients, trustworthy skills and opinions, and her ability to manage a high-stress environment- even noting her work with reorganizing the ER department for maximized efficiency. Murray County Medical Center is appreciative of Jody’s advocacy, dedication, empathy and compassion to her work. Other Nominees: Brittany Hegstad, Donna Thomson, Elishia Christians, Emmie Lolkus, Kim Olafson, Mary Mesner, Megan Johnson, Paula VanDyke


CEO Luke Schryvers with award recipients [Not Pictured: Kris Rohrer, Tracy Hansen]