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Chemotherapy & Infusion Therapy

We provide a comfortable and private environment for outpatient Chemotherapy Infusions and Infusion Therapy.

Whether you are dealing with an acute or chronic medical diagnosis, we provide a caring, comfortable and private environment for outpatient Chemotherapy Infusions and Infusion Therapy here at Murray County Medical Center in Slayton.

A cancer diagnosis is a lot to deal with on many levels. Treatment can involve long car rides and being away from home for a period of time. Our Chemo Infusion service allows patients to receive treatment close to home with the support of family and friends and reduces the stress and commitment with travel arrangements.


Our Infusion Therapy Services

  • Chemotherapy Infusion

  • IV Antibiotics

  • IV Fluid Therapy

  • IV Hydration

  • TherapyPort a Cath/PICC Line Flushes

What is Infusion Therapy?

Medical Infusion Therapy is the delivery of prescribed medicine (antibiotics, fluids, etc.) through a needle or catheter.

What is Chemotherapy Infusion?

The prescribed chemotherapy treatment is given to the patient through a catheter into a vein. This is also called intravenous (IV) chemotherapy.

Who Receives Medical Infusion Therapy?

You do not need to be a clinic patient here at Murray County Medical Center to receive medical infusion services. We work with providers from near and far on a specialized treatment plan for you and your medical needs.  Our pharmacy and nursing staff will provide you convenient care and flexible treatment, close to home. Patients receive their prescribed medicine through a needle, port or catheter.

Infusion Treatment Appointments

Call 507.836.6111 to schedule an Infusion Therapy appointment.
Orders from a health care provider are required.

Patients should check in at the Information Desk inside the main entrance.


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