Why get a colonoscopy?

One way to protect yourself against colon cancer if you are between ages 50 and 75 is to get screened regularly, and earlier if you or your healthcare provider has concerns. Screenings help to prevent colorectal cancer by finding abnormal growths early or detecting cancer early when the treatment can be most effective.

Why have your colonoscopy done at Murray County Medical Center?

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 Dr. Bakalakos  Dr. Snow

 At Murray County Medical Center we are constantly striving to provide optimal patient care for everyone. Colonoscopies are an important part of preventative care. At MCMC we have two experienced physicians who perform colonoscopies. Dr. Snow and Dr. Bakalakos have over 25 years of combined experience performing colonoscopies. We have a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist on-staff and MCMC. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesia allows for a deeper sedation during the colonoscopy and a faster recovery after the procedure, minimizing the side effects from anesthesia and providing a much safer sedation than RN sedation. We can offer each patient peace of mind knowing that there is a continuity of care; the same RN will work with you to schedule your colonoscopy, assist the physician in performing the colonoscopy and be involved in the follow up care after your colonoscopy. Having your colonoscopy done at Murray County Medical Center allows for a more flexible schedule. Our endoscopy suite is available up to four days a week, giving you, the patient, the option of choosing dates that best fit your schedule. We offer easier prep for colonoscopies. We have made the colonoscopy prep experience better by using a 2 step process, minimizing the amount of solution you have to drink. 

Talk to your health care provider if you have questions or concerns about your colon health or are wondering when to start having regular screenings.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to schedule your colonoscopy with Dr. Snow or Dr. Bakalakos.

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