Veteran's Program Will Give Veterans Health Care Options

FRONT ENTRANCEMany Veterans now have the option to receive non-VA health care rather than waiting for a VA appointment or traveling to a VA facility. As of November 5, 2014 the new Choice Program began covering non-VA care for eligible Veterans enrolled in VA healthcare. Veterans are eligible if any of these situations apply.

  • If a Veteran has been told by the local VA medical facility that the wait time is more than 30 days from the preferred date or the date medically determined by a physician.
  • The current residence of the Veteran is more than 40 miles from the closest VA health care facility.
  • The Veteran needs to travel by plane or boat to the VA medical facility closest to their home.
  • The Veteran faces a geographic challenge, such as extensive distances around water or other geologic formations, such as mountains, which present a significant travel hardship.

Every Veteran will receive a letter of Choice Card in the mail with details about the program. Veterans will be eligible for the program and receive cards in three phases.

  1. Veterans who may live more than 40 miles from a VA facility.
  2. Veterans who are currently waiting for an appointment longer than 30 days from their preferred date or the date determined to be medically necessary by their physician.
  3. All remaining Veterans enrolled for VA healthcare who may be eligible for the Choice Program in the future 

Murray County Medical Center is now able to offer healthcare to those veterans with a VA Choice Card!

Wondering how to make an appointment at Murray County Medical Center if you are a VA Choice card holder?

If you are a VA Choice Card holder and would like to be seen at Murray County Medical Center, call the VA at 866-606-8198 to make arrangements and to set up an appointment. Please remember that the patient must call the number on their VA Choice Card to verify eligibility before being seen for any clinic or hospital services.


In case of an emergency please go to the Emergency Room or call 911.