Our hospital offers state-of-the art equipment and professional staff trained in the latest protocols for medical and surgical care, as well as highly trained Emergency Department staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Several area ambulance services are available to transport patients. Helicopter transfer services are available to transport the critically ill or injured patients when needed.

 The newly renovated hospital is equipped with fourteen new private patient rooms and two nurse work stations. Each of the fourteen new private hospital rooms has a nurse server; a secure area for medication and supplies that can be accessed from the hallway. This allows for faster patient care and reduced patient room noise. Each of the fourteen new private rooms has a private bathroom. These rooms were designed for flexibility and can accommodate patients requiring skilled nursing care and a variety of outpatient services, including chemotherapy. Two nurses work stations were strategically placed to provide the most effective and efficient patient care. Each station is centrally located for nurses to be able to see patient rooms on either side of the hospital wing. Murray County Medical Center also has a General Surgeon and Orthopedic Surgeon available to consult with patients and perform surgeries on a regular basis.


Laboratory and Radiology & Imaging Services are available 24 hours a day with staff serving both the hospital and attached medical clinic. Radiologists and Pathologists provide expert diagnostic services.

Murray County Medical Center also features Physical, Occupational and Language/Speech Therapy. Rehabilitiation & Therapy Services are available to assist patients who are recuperating from surgery or accidents. These services are available for in-patients as well as off-site facilities throughout the area. The Rehabilitation & Therapy Services office is located in the Murray County Professional Building, downtown Slayton, MN.

MCMC's Respiratory Therapy Department is staffed by Registered Respiratory Therapists who work closely with medical staff to provide accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment of respiratory illness. A number of other services are also available to provide patients with top notch care.

Just off of the hospital waiting room and accessible from the South side of MCMC is the Murray County Medical Center Healing Garden. In the warmer months The Healing Garden is a place where patients and visitors can get some fresh air without having to go too far. The hospital waiting room is furnished with a fireplace and television allowing for those visiting to relax.  We have added a number of Amenities to make patients and visitors more comfortable during their visit to MCMC. The MCMC CafĂ© is available for meals and snacks. They prepare and serve nutritious meals for in-patients, visitors and staff for the breakfast lunch and dinner meals.